Le Transhumanisme

At a time where technology has never evolved this fast, the human skills are slowly getting overtaken by science and machinery. In this project, we had to create a flyer in order to sensitize the audience of our choice about transhumanism. All our graphical choices, as insignificant as they could be, had to be wrote down and explained.

Our duo, made of Benedicte Nombret and myself, decided that we would not take side with or against transhumanism, but instead, we would show the positive and negative aspects of it.

Since transhumanism is a rather large subject, we focussed on the artificial intelligence, its benefits and its concerns.

My involvement in this project mainly included Photoshop skills and communication skills.

Tools used:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Word

The flyer

Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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