Suburban Loneliness

Suburban Loneliness is a video created for the “Pocket Film” student project. The main objective was to obtain rushes using only our cellphones then create a video montage from it.

No particular orientation was given so I decided to retranscribe the loneliness mood I was feeling in a suburban area such as Pont de Crau.

The HTC 8s cellphone recording up to 720p rushes and a really bad microphone quality did not help much if not orienting me even more into a dark and slow atmosphere that could cover up the bad quality of the original contents, along with a moody song (Bonobo – Silver).

My involvement in this project mainly included video montage and video editing.

Tools used:

  • Premiere Pro CC
  • PowerDirector 11


Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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