Retro box

Our objective was to imagine, conceive, analyse and present a monthly subscription box offering a whole month of snacks for 39,99€ or less, including the products, the packaging and shipping costs.

Our working group, composed of Hadrien Appolonie, Alexandre Baia Palas, Duane Decuyper and myself, decided to aim the « retro » marquet and go for the « Retro Box », a monthly box that offers products that were mostly produced and consumed in the 80’s.

We had to find still existing products, study the box marquet even if there were no concurrence regarding the retro marquet, imagine and create our graphical identity, study the shipping costs and bulk prices and of course, find and study our targets and potential targets.

In the end, our best offer was to sell a « starter box » with the exact same products at any time, offering some goodies, PEZ dispensers and other things needed to start the subscription. Then the regular box would offer products of the current month and it’s content changes each months. This way we managed to offer authentic 80’s products, covering a whole month of snacks.

My involvement in this project mainly included design, market studies and communication.

Tools used:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excell
  • Photoshop CC


Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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