Official AssaultCube maps - ac_swamp and ac_cavern

AssaultCube is a free, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE Engine.

ac_shine and ac_cavern are two AssaultCube maps created by Undead (an Australian level designer) and myself in cooperation. Both maps are in the official package of the game after a huge community vote and developers’ approvement.

Each maps took approximately 100 hours of work, including the level designing, texturing and lighting. A few additional hours were also needed to beta-test the maps and fix bugs, then a stress-test allowed us to correct a few things and concluded our work.

The maps were created only using the official contents at a time when the game did not offer auto-downloading features at each game loadings. It required a lot of imagination and a smart use of the official textures and 3D models as we were in search of creating unique atmospheres while offering a gameplay as smooth as possible.

My involvement in this project mainly included level design and texturing.

Tools used:

  • AssaultCube map editor
  • Paint.NET

AssaultCube website:


Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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