NES Computer Project

This personal project was a challenge. I needed a small but powerfull computer for less than $450.

I started by searching some informations about new computer parts and managed to quickly find the i3-6100t, a new cheap Intel processor that consumes close to no power , generates no heat and offers some very good integrated graphics, perfect for a small confined case. Reddit gave me the idea to build a computer into my old Nintendo Intertainment System, the project was born.

I also had to gather very small computer parts for a reasonable price, a mini-ITX motherboard, 16GB of “ultra low-profile” RAM sticks, an external 160W power supply, a Scynthe low-profile CPU cooler and a 250GB SSD. I ordered all the parts and built the computer then adapted the NES case so that it’be ready to host all the parts. I also managed to keep the Start and Reset button and they are actually the only way to start and reset the computer, the original red led of the case also shows if the computer is running or not.

The NES is now able to run decent softwares and games with a reasonable frame-rate, for example, League of Legends runs at 60+ FPS at high settings.

My involvement in this project mainly included computer building and handcrafting.

Part list:

  • Intel Core i3-6100T 3.2GHz
  • Asus H110I-PLUS D3 (mini-itx)
  • Sandisk 240GB SSD
  • Scythe Kodati (CPU cooler)
  • Crutial Ballistix Ultra Low Profile 2 x 8GB
  • PicoPSU 160W block + connector


Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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