Les sentiers numériques

The aim of our project was to create a video showing the numeric aspect of Arles in its architecture.

Our working group was composed of Hadrien Appolonie, Alexandre Baia Palas, Duane Decuyper and myself. Knowing the lack of numerical aspects in a city like Arles which is mainly composed of ancient monuments, we decided instead to go for a satirical video showing how out of sync the city is regarding its numerical advancements.

A few Google searches were enough to found something called « Les Sentiers Numeriques », a numerical parcour offering to discover some special places in Arles, described in a way it’s a cuting edge technology advancement and it offers many interesting features. We then decided to go throught the parcour and record us walking and discovering it, the result was exactly what we were looking for, something really far from the actual cuting edge numerical advancements they promised and we tried to retranscribe it in our video.

My involvement in this project mainly included video editing.

Tools used:

  • PowerDirector 11
  • Premiere Pro CC


Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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