AssaultCube 5th Official Mapping Contest - ac_palenque

AssaultCube is a free, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE Engine.

The 5th Assaultcube Mapping Competition was a community event created by Halo, held from January 10th 2011 to April 10th 2011.

ac_palenque, named from the ancient Maya site “Palenque” is a map created as my entry for the AssaultCube 5th Official mapping contest. The map won the first prize with an average note of 37,2/40, the award beeing a $50 gift card.

The map atmosphere was mainly inspired by the Mesoamerican architecture before the Spanish colonization with a significant touch of nature taking back her rights.

The mapping process took approximately 180 hours of work, including the level designing, texturing and the lighting. A few additional hours were also needed find, edit and add textures and 3D models to the map.

My involvement in this project mainly included level design and texturing.

Tools used:

  • AssaultCube map editor
  • Paint.NET

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Fully handcrafted by Julien Beillon

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